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  • Christmas Gift The accessory will be a great idea for the Christmas gift for any photography or travel lover. The tripod will be useful as a useful gadget for the person who likes to take photos especially at family parties or outdoor events. The small dimensions and ease of the device allow the mobile phone and thanks to this fact it will become a great memory for everyone
  • Universal: The holder is universal, because you can use it with many devices such as: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or other devices or camera. The device will fit the sports camera perfectly and serve as a practical stand for the tablet. Thanks to the tripod with universal clip, you can take selfie, family photo or unforgettable movie during solemnity or summer holidays
  • Elasticity: The tripod is elastic because it has a flexible tripod, so you can easily deform the three arms of the stand without interference. The device in the form of eight legs will allow you to bend the small legs in any direction, and it will not lose stability and you can mount it in different places. The plasticity of the device prepares you in a practical way for the tree or road signage
  • Easy to Storage and Carry - The mobile phone tripod has the dimensions after folding: 3.5 x 3.5 x 25.5 cm and its small size takes up little space, allowing you to easily store it in the drawer or suitcase during travel. The tripod is also lightweight as it weighs only 42g and you won't feel it in the travel bag when you go on a summer vacation or fly.
  • Solid Construction - The stand is made of solid material, which is ABS as this plastic is resistant to deformation and will serve you for a long time of use. The three elastic legs of the device are covered with foam material and, thanks to this, they are stable and do not slip during assembly, for example on the tree and also while holding the selfie stick in your hand.

Mobile phone / camera tripod

Productcode: 2023012548899
35,00 €Prijs
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